About Jeremy PesnerTechnology, policy and innovation specialist… -Data & Policy Analyst, Start-Up Nation Central
-Telecommunications and IT
-Government and policy
-Technology and innovation
-Research and data analysis
-Futurism and strategic planning
-Video games and education

Jeremy is a multidisciplinary technologist, researcher and policy analyst with a Computer Science background. He is experienced with technical topics like data analysis, web development and user-oriented privacy practices. He has also studied a wide variety of topics in the technology and policy domain, including Internet Governance, technology innovation systems and intellectual property.

He is well-practiced at aligning technological and organizational needs simultaneously, and has worked in several technology and research-related roles across startups, academia and government. Jeremy has delivered and organized talks at venues including Hackers on Planet EarthTEDx Herndon and TEDx Fulbright.

He is a member of several Israeli and Jewish communities, including Repair the WorldPresenTense, the Israel Tech Challenge and the Israel Government Fellows. He is also a fellow of several social impact and leadership organizations, including StartingBloc, the Hive Global Leaders Program, the Mankind Project and the Center for Applied Rationality. He maintains a healthy interest and involvement with social innovation, technology startups, academic research, futurism, video games, public speaking and empowering others.

Jeremy is interested in speaking engagements, consulting opportunities, conferences and research projects relating to technology analysis, strategy and policy issues.



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